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Core Aeration and Over-Seeding

Hometown Landscape and Lawn provides a variety of services that revive your lawn.

In addition to our Turf Fertilization program we offer core aerate, overseeding and power seeding.

This mechanical process is designed to reduce soil compaction, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to get into the root system of the plant. Compaction occurs primarily on the surface of the soil and can range from ¼ in to ½ in deep, keeping water, nutrients and other crucial factors out of the soil. Aerating machines pull plugs from the turf area, creating large pores that will allow moisture and nutrients to move freely through the soil layers.

Benefits to Core Aeration & Over-Seeding

- Fills in bare spots to provide a thick, green lawn

- Choke out weeds and crabgrass

- Loosen and decompact your soil

- Increases root development

- Increases water retention

- Improves overall plant health