Hometown Landscape & Lawn Service
P.O. Box 4727, Silver Spring, MD 20914

Keeping your lawn lush and green year-round requires proper care and maintenance. Making sure your lawn gets the right nutrients is essential for healthy grass growth, strong root systems and weed control. At Hometown Landscape and Lawn, Inc. we provide the following fertilization program.

Earth Friendly Lawn Care Program

Hometown Landscape and Lawn offers lawn care services to help keep your lawn looking green and weed-free. Our complete program consists of 9 unique treatments that are applied between March and November. Below are the descriptions of what is included as part of each application

- Crabgrass Pre-Emergent March/April

- Spring Fertilizer March/April

- 2nd Crabgrass Pre-Emergent - May

- 2nd Spring Fertilizer - May

- Broadleaf Weed Control - June

- Grub Control - July

- Potassium-Rich Fertilizer - July

- Crabgrass Post-Emergent July/August

- Fall Fertilizer September/November

- Lime - Anytime