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Landscape Maintenance Services

At Hometown Landscape and Lawn Service, we have a team of experienced landscapers who can easily handle all kinds of landscape maintenance jobs. They have worked on different kinds of projects over the years and know how to read the client’s requirements and deliver the best possible results.

How Do We Work?

Our maintenance services are highly customizable so they can be tailored according to your requirements. Here’s a brief explanation of our process:

  • Accessing Your Requirements – Our first step is to assess your requirements and determine what level of maintenance you need. We handle both commercial and residential projects and know that they require different levels of landscape maintenance. Our experts will work with you to determine the scope of the project and plan accordingly.
  • Assessing Your Property – Our next step is to assess your property thoroughly and understand which aspects of it would require maintenance. We’ll make a note of the grass, quality of the soil, trees and their species, plants, any seasonal flowers and other such aspects. This will allow us to create a maintenance schedule and system that’s ideally suited for your landscape.
  • Budget – Our next priority is your budget. We’re always willing to accommodate our client’s requirements so we create landscaping maintenance plans based on how much you wish to spend. It’s easy to space out all of maintenance runs to ensure your landscape is well-maintained and still stay true to your budget.
  • Scheduling Maintenance – We schedule maintenance according to your convenience. For example, we can maintain landscapes outside of work hours to minimize downtime for our commercial clients. We always work with our clients to come up with the best possible solution for their problems.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Our industry is very competitive and there are many companies that vie for customer attention. Here are some ways in which we stand apart from the competition:

  • Licensed and Insured – We’re a licensed and insured company with ample experience in this industry. We have always followed the regulations and delivered high-quality results. Our comprehensive insurance cover will protect your interests and our employees.
  • Customer Service – Our goal is to help our customers in every way possible and that requires us to have excellent customer service in place. Our representatives are well trained and will have answers to all of your questions. They’ll help you schedule our landscape maintenance services, offer advice on budget, and make sure you have all the information as you require making a decision.
  • Flexible Plans – As we mentioned before, our plans are customizable so you can choose what level of service you require from us. For example, you can hire us to just mow the lawn or hire us for full-scale landscape maintenance. We offer annual, quarterly, monthly, fortnightly plans to all of our customers.
  • Reasonably Priced – Our services are very reasonably priced so you won’t have to spend too much on our maintenance services. Your landscape would look healthy and thrive at minimal costs.

Hometown Landscape and Lawn provides a comprehensive range of grounds maintenance services for your property. Our offers include:


Benefits of Maintenance

Our weekly landscape maintenance clients enjoy the benefits of our well-structured and professionally-managed lawn and grounds services. Our weekly service crews are responsible for spring and fall cleanups, lawn cutting, edging, weeding and cleaning of all hard surfaces.

Our enhancement crews perform related services outside the scope of weekly maintenance. Their responsibilities include small plantings, lawn renovations, pruning ornamental trees/shrubs and mulching.

We operate with highly-specialized crews to maximize the efficiency of the work performed and deliver a superior landscape.