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Retaining Walls, Patios and Custom Masonry

Retaining Walls

Plant material is not the only facet of landscaping. Retaining walls and stone pathways are features that enhance the look and value of your landscape. For example, dry stacked stone retaining walls are perfect for areas where minor slope is an issue. A professionally built wall retains soil, reduces erosion, and adds aesthetic beauty to your property.

Types of retaining walls include:

  • Dry Stacked Stone – Dry-stacked stone retaining walls are very durable and can effectively hold your landscape in place for a long time. Some dry-stacked retaining walls have lasted for decades and still do an excellent job. They add an interesting design element to your property as well.
  • Timber (pressure treated 6 x 6) – Timber retaining walls look great and are very resilient. Our expert installers will plan the wall design carefully to ensure it stays put and holds the soil back effectively.
  • Mortared Stone & Stone Veneer – Mortared stone or stone veneer walls add an elegant and natural look to your landscape. Stone blends in well and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. This material is also very durable and won’t bend or collapse under pressure.
  • Block & Segmental Walls – Block and segmental retaining walls are very resilient and can withstand a considerable amount of pressure from the soil behind it. These walls are made of interlocking concrete blocks that stay in place once installed. They won’t budge, bend, or cave if they’re installed properly.
  • Brick Walls – Brick is a very popular material choice for retaining walls, especially with homeowners. It looks elegant and earthy and adds a distinctive charm to your property. Brick is also a very resilient material and will withstand the outdoor weather and the soil pressure. Our expert installers will plan the wall well and ensure there are no vulnerabilities that would weaken it.

If you’re uncertain about which walls to choose, you can consult with our experts and explain your requirements. They’ll help you decide.

Patios, Walkways and Driveways

Patios are outdoor rooms. Whether created to entertain guests or to become your own private getaway, a patio is limited only by your own imagination. Hometown offers a wide selection of surfaces and colors to choose from:

  • Brick
  • Pavers
  • Flagstone (Mortared & Dry Set)
  • Concrete

Function, value, and cost are important things to consider when deciding on a patio. Appearance and re-sale value should also be taken into account. At Hometown Landscape and Lawn Service, we tailor the patio’s surface, size and design to meet your style and cost requirements.


Our masonry crews build approximately 100 patios, walkways and driveways per year. You will feel confident with our tremendous experience and professionalism. Best of all, the end result will be something you and your family will enjoy for years.