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At Hometown Landscape & Lawn Service we provide our residential and commercial clients with premium drainage services throughout greater Washington DC, Maryland and Arlington, VA and surrounding regions. There is no doubt that the drainage scheme of any property plays a large role in the successful ‘drainage’ of water entering and exiting the site. It is our goal to ensure that any drainage issues that you feel you may have are sorted out and that we can offer you the perfect solutions to any drainage problem.
Some of our drainage solutions include:

  • Dry River Beds – Dry river beds are an excellent way to control and direct flow of water on your property. We grade the landscape soil to direct water towards the river bed, which than directs the water towards the drains. The river bed also acts as a filter and will clear some of the impurities from the water.
  • Pop Up Emitters – The pop-up emitter is an efficient drainage system that directs water away from the foundation of the home and towards the public drains. It pops-up when the water-pressure is sufficient and releases it to a large area in order to minimize water usage.
  • Dry Wells – Drywells can quickly and immediately transfer surface water to deeper subsoil in order to maximize drainage. We grade the soil towards these wells to ensure all the surface water is drained efficiently.
  • Catch Basins & Channel Drains – These installations are similar to drywells and dry river beds. They transport water from the surface to the deeper subsoil and replenish groundwater levels.
  • Slotted & Perforated Drain – Slotted and perforated drainage is an age-old system that works efficiently to filter and direct water away from the surface. We grade the landscape towards these drains to ensure they catch all of the water.
  • French Drains – This drain is similar to perforated drains because it too uses a perforated pipe to direct surface and ground water. The pipe has holes that allow the water to enter so it can be redirected.

We also install downspout piping & drainage.

Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff members today and we will organise a free consultation on your site so that we can begin to rectify any drainage issues that are affecting your home or place of business. Our contractors have all the knowledge and experience needed to tackle your drainage and get it working for the better!