Consider hiring a lawn care company for leaf removal if you have trouble raking leaves in your large yard or do not have the time.

Autumn can be a nice change of pace after a long, hot summer. In many areas of the country, the benefits include cooler, more comfortable weather, apple picking, football and, of course, the leaves changing colors from greens to beautiful reds, oranges and yellows.

But when those leaves begin to fall, fall lawn care can turn into a chore.

Raking leaves is a time-consuming task and can leave many with sore backs and blisters on their hands. There is a solution- bring in a professional for a quick and painless clean up.

Leaves left to sit can kill your lawn

Experts say it’s important not to let leaves collect on the ground for too long.

Excess leaves block sunlight from getting to your grass- they also spawn mold and can spread disease that can wipe out your lawn. You may have noticed a brown patch after you rake leaves into a pile- the leaves slowly choke the grass beneath until it dies.

Professional leaf removal can save you time and resources.

Hometown Landscape offers leaf removal in the Silver Spring, MD area and would be happy to provide a free quote!